Meditation4all is a space to create awareness and for guidance into meditational practices. As the name suggests it is open to all regardless of race, background, age, or beliefs. These meditation classes are currently taking place in Leicester, UK.

The intentions of ours  is to assist people in learning the science of meditation in a simple way which can be integrated into our daily life. Meditation is nothing but discovering the depths of who you are!  🙂

One to One Meditation, Sound therapy, Energy healing, life/spiritual coaching/mentorship therapy sessions are also available.




or further info click here

TO RSVP : Join our meetup site @ http://www.meetup.com/Meditation4all/

OR you can just DROP-IN








52 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks. I love the line..” inspire till you expire”.. its so true, for some of us, each moment comes from a place of inspiration. I feel it is like directly living from the creative source of life itself. Just being open and receptive, one is filled with the creativity of life. 🙂 one love

  1. Having read your About section I just want to thank you for advancing such a wonderful resource. This is such a beautiful and valuable treasure – looking forward to your ongoing posts. Being all the way over in Australia I am not able to drop into meditation classes in Leicester or anywhere in the UK. Nevetheless your inspiring actions of peace, Love and meditative practices are rippling and spreading out all around the world. Just as in Chaos Theory – the butterfly flapping its wings in Leicester can create a hurricane on the other side of the world.

  2. Thank you for your wise and kind hearted response. Yes each one can raise his state of consciousness and share this with others. This can have far reaching consequences, as we all are interconnected. Space and time are not limits to this state of consciousness….You are doing the same my brother, all in our unique ways!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Priyesh,
    I am happy to be nominating you for a Sunshine Award. Kindly check out my own post, ‘Sunshine award’ (May 3), for more details. You can also take the image from my blog by clicking on it and downloading it.
    I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.
    ~ Paul

  4. What a wonderful idea to make meditation available to all. Wish I could come and check you out, but I’m down on the south coast, in Hastings.
    Thank you for folowing my blogs, I look forward to your input and to reading your blog! 🙂
    One Love…

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog Gabrielle. Yes…Hastings is a long distance away.I have started some meditation classes in Leicester, the techniques used are universal in nature and open to all…I enjoyed reading your blogs and look forward to your future posts…

      One Love 🙂

  5. Its a shame I cannot make these classes Priyesh, I am all the way over in sunny Wales, but I was born in Leicester. Its great that you are making meditation available to the good people of our town. Peace and Light

      1. thesubterraneanworld

        Thank you so very much. I am blessed to have you for reading my work and praising it by your worthy time, likes and comments.
        May GOD bless you.

    1. Hi Gina.. Thanks for the award. I will pass the award on and share a link to your site… I am inspired by your blog and it deeply resonates with me..I love the vision behind the PEACE blod. I myself have a vision to set up a similar blog, sharing information about holistic education, health and agriculture, and communities…with the view to share this with the wider public and to start up schools with an holistic educational perspective…

  6. thanks so much four liking my recent blog posts, and for bringing me here to explore yours. I see a wonderful journey awaits me here. .Hope you will find other posts which might inspire or assist you in some small way along your own journey. I have been meditating for over 45 years, different types of meditation, and teach it as well. In both classes and to my clients for their own personal use . I am always pleased to find new and interesting approaches to this amazing life tool. thanks for sharing.
    with love light and JOY

    1. Thank you for your words and energy of support and goodwill. This energy of goodwill be shared to all through this medium of teaching meditation..Thank you..

      continue sharing your love and light..something which we all need to connect with and share.

      Love and Light,
      Priyesh 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for following my blog. I studied the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, with Self Realisation Fellowship, and through Yogananda’s Lessons for Students, I first learned meditation techniques. It is a wonderful aid to everyday living. Blessings from Lizzie Joy

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog.yes,meditation is a great tool to use in our life.This blog is to share this information..i enjoy the theme of your blog..i myself love to be immersed in the beauty of nature, the presence which is found witbin all things…..

  8. Anisa

    I used to come to the church for the group sessions on Wednesdays. Are they still running there? Would like to start coming again tomorrow.

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